Hard disk and RAM upgrade

contact us for harddisk and ram upgrade at fair and sizzling prices. boost your computer's speed for better functionality through this upgrade

Laptop Screen Replacement

we repair both broken and malfunctioning laptop screens at friendly prices. All computer brand screens of various sizes are available

Keyboard Replacement

Have a faulty keyboard? worry no more because we will get you sorted with our wide variety of laptop keyboards. contact us for these services.

Laptop servicing

we repair underperforming laptops to meet the customer's expectation. the servicing is done at the shortest time possible with our experienced clients.

Software installation

we install and run softwares right from the computer operating system to other auxillary softwares at affordable prices.

website and system development

Through our software team, we deliver the best systems and softwares that meet the requirements of the customer.


Rahimtullah Trust Building(queens shopping mall) room M44
Moi Avenue Nairobi
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